You Need to Know About These Social Media Updates


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You Need to Know About These Social Media Updates

Rozz Cottrell
September 15, 2022
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It seems like every day, there’s new things to learn on social media. Staying on top of the latest social media updates will ensure your business is in the best position to respond accordingly and make use of any new tools at your disposal!

Read on for the latest updates by platform.


Testing the Edit Button.

Twitter confirmed, they’re testing the edit button.

Users on Twitter Blue are already able to edit their tweets – but soon this feature will be rolled out to everyone.

Having an edit button on Twitter has been a controversial issue for a while now. But for businesses, this tool is incredibly useful – no more deleting the whole tweet just for one small typo.


Repost tool.

Instagram are trialling the repost tool. This is a tool that will allow users to show their followers content they saw, liked and subsequently reshared. This is very similar to the tool on TikTok which allows users to do the same thing.

This tool has been debated also, due to the concern that it could see timelines filled with ‘retweeted’ content, rather than prioritising independent user’s content, but if it is implemented, it means businesses are easily able to repost their own content and share others, maintaining an engaged community.  


LinkedIn is adding a ‘carousel’ option to posts.

No more uploading PDFs to achieve a carousel post. That is, when the update comes to your account.

Carousels are an important feature if you want to produce visual content, especially as this feature can really increase engagement on your posts.


Testing the Nearby Function

TikTok are testing a ‘Nearby’ section, which would come next to the ‘For You’ and ‘Friends’ tabs in your timeline.

This would show users videos of those nearby them, from creators that have used a location tag in their video. Like other updates mentioned, this has been inspired by another application, namely Snapchat’s Snap Maps. This certainly may be useful for B2C businesses such as cafes and restaurants, to show potential customers in your local area what you have to offer, and where you are located.

Being on top of the latest social media updates and news is essential when new updates are being added all the time. The more resources available, the more tools to promote your business in the best way possible.


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