ParamountLoyalty Cards

Earn Paramount Loyalty Points on our advertising services. These can be spent at your leisure, anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

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Loyalty Cards

Earn Paramount Loyalty Points, these can be spent at your leisure, anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

Complete Control

Manage your card via an app, check your balance, view your statements, get a pin reminder, freeze, or block your card if lost/stolen.

Worldwide Spending

Cards can be used in over 190 countries at 35 million locations, so you can spend securely wherever they’re needed.

Cashback rewards

For every £100 you spend on advertising with us you will earn 80 Paramount Loyalty Points, each point is valued at £1, check out our calculator below and see what you could earn.

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Publicly listed

Equals Group Plc is AIM-listed on the London Stock Exchange

17 years and counting

Helping customers since 2005

Carbon neutral

We've offset our carbon emissions by supporting key renewables projects

How do Paramount Points work?

Paramount Points are earned according to your spend on advertising, once your payment is received your loyalty card will be loaded with your earned points within 24hrs. You can spend these points at wherever accepts Mastercard, completely at your leisure.

Points Converter

Enter amount you would like to spend on advertising your business and see how many paramount points you will gain.


Paramount Points


How our Loyalty Card scheme helps you business grow

Our Paramount Media loyalty points card earns advertising credits. We'll help grow your business by helping you reach more customers who care about what you stand for.

Our advertising network is popular with our audience and we'll get your ads seen while spreading brand awareness to your potential customers.

Want to learn more about our Loyalty Card scheme?

Enquire about our loyalty card scheme using the form below. You can ask any questions you like and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. Please don't hesitate to give our sales team a call if you would prefer to talk with someone.

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