What is Brand Awareness?


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What is Brand Awareness?

Rozz Cottrell
August 18, 2022
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Brand awareness is a vague term. It essentially describes how ‘aware’ or familiar audiences, (or potential consumers), are of a brand and its products.

It’s important to create for three reasons:

It builds trust.

  • Evidence that your business is active and engaged in the community demonstrates that you are trustworthy, and can be relied upon.
  • This builds a relationship, putting a 'face' to a company. Familiarity and being relatable really helps to develop this relationship, and eventually solidifies trust.

It creates associations.

  • If audiences associate certain products or services with your brand, they are much more likely to keep coming back to you when they are in need. A good example of this is, if anyone mentions streaming or 'binge watching' a TV series, it is likely that you'll think of Netflix.
  • So, being clear about your services, and showing what you can offer, will build these necessary associations.

It generates value.

  • Showing what you offer demonstrates that your products and services carry meaning, and have a place in the business world.
  • 'Value' is shown when a customer leaves a testimonial, shouting about how great your products or services were.
  • This can allow you to establish professional prices, as customers are more likely to pay for quality, if that is what you make them consistently aware of.

So, how can you develop brand awareness?

Develop a social media presence.

  • Having active accounts on platforms that are relevant to your business – whether that be Instagram, TikTok, or even Linkedin – makes it easier for customers to find you, and build those important relationships.
  • Virtually everyone seems to have a smartphone and at least one social media account. This is where brands are building relationships like never before. It’s important to tap into its potential and develop a consistent routine of promoting what you do, because if you aren't enthusiastic about what you offer, how can you expect anyone else to be?

Choose a way to share information and events happening in your business.

  • There may have to be some trial and error finding what works for your business, but finding the appropriate medium to share information about your business and other relevant information is time well spent.
  • This may be a podcast, a YouTube channel, or a company blog that you update a few times a month. It is much more manageable to start small, and build up a presence over some time, progressively.
  • Alongside a social media strategy, an online presence on the web is incredibly beneficial. Making use of the ‘senses’ to capture attention is how many businesses are thriving in online spaces, i.e. a video with yourself or one of your employees exploring a special subject in your industry.

This list is not exhaustive, but we hope it has enlightened you on brand awareness a little bit more.

For more information on social media, check out our article on how to use TikTok for Business. Do not hesitate to get in touch regarding any brand awareness queries here.


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