How to Set up a Facebook Business Page


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How to Set up a Facebook Business Page

Rozz Cottrell
January 17, 2023
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Facebook isn’t just a platform to post photographs of your dinner, or your latest meet up with friends… increasingly, Facebook is used by businesses to meet marketing goals. If you are realising you need to start investing in marketing your business online, but you’re unsure how to start, this article will walk you through setting up a Facebook Business Page.

You need a personal Facebook page to do this, as you will be admin of the account (although these settings can be changed if you have a designated social media manager).

Firstly, navigate to Create New Page found in the left-hand side of your Facebook timeline under Pages, or find it in the menu, which is a circle symbol next to your profile picture (Desktop, on mobile the menu bar looks like three rectangles).



Then you will have some sections to fill. The first is your Page Name, the name of your business will do here. Then the Category, which indicates to your audience the field your business is in, for example engineering, construction, retail, etc.

Your bio is optional, but we would advise filling it in with a summary of the service your company provides. This can be edited later, so it doesn’t need to be perfect.


Following this, you have the option to add contact details, location and opening hours and add a profile and cover photo, which we would recommend doing as soon as you set the page up. This will allow your customers to get in touch, find you, and allows you to establish a brand identity with your logos and images of your workplace, or products or services you provide.

Once your page is set up, you can start sharing your latest news, updates to your opening hours, reply to customer inquiries and importantly, paid advertisements. These are especially useful if you have offers or discounts on current products or services you provide, or they can be advertisements to simply boost your brand awareness.

Additionally, recent updates to Facebook My Business gives businesses more control, allowing you to engage with posts as your business account without having to manually switch. Joining groups can be very helpful for your business, as you can engage with people who are looking for services such as yours.

Having active social media pages is essential for your business. If you’re too busy with running your business to set up pages or keep them up to date with regular content, get in touch so we can take this responsibility off your hands.


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