5 Signs You Need to Outsource Your Social Media Marketing


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5 Signs You Need to Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

Rozz Cottrell
March 22, 2023
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Are you spending too much time, or not enough, on content for your business?

Unsure what’s right to post about?

Don’t know which platforms would be best for your business?

Small to medium businesses often think that it would save time and money to create their own content. Sometimes, this can work. But for most business owners, this extra responsibility can be more of a hindrance to the business than help.

Here are the 5 Signs You Need to Outsource Your Social Media Marketing:

1. Time isn’t your friend.

You’re busy doing your normal duties, and then on top of those, you remember you need to post about something important happening in your business. When this is a consistent problem, the stress of having to remember something additional on top of managing a business starts to drastically reduce the quality of your product or services. It’s likely that you simply won’t have enough time to really focus your marketing activities, which may impact how much engagement your posts get. It’s no surprise most businesses outsource their marketing: a specialised team can spend the ample amount of time instead, and you have important hours to focus on running your business.

2. You're struggling with one or more areas of social media management.

In the age of social media, it’s easy to presume that anybody can use social media for marketing purposes. This is true, but not everybody has the expertise and experience using social media for this specialised purpose. Social media is more than text on a screen, it can be written articles, photos, videos, and graphic design, with strategy to make sure content is intentional. Marketing companies have the tools required to create this on hand, as well as professionals who know what they are doing.

3. You don’t have a social media strategy or content plan.

When you don’t make any plan about what kind of content you’d like to post, when and how frequently, you can often establish an irregular schedule. This could look like, a sudden influx of posts one week, and then months without any. One goal of social media marketing efforts is to engage your audience, and irregularity could impact this. Random paid ads with no plan could similarly impact engagement and waste lots of money. Marketing companies can design a plan specific to your business and goals and schedule your content regularly, at the best times.

4. You’re spreading yourself too thin.

Using every single platform might not be the best strategy. Depending on your audience, goals, business, and content, it might be more useful for you to focus your marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook, than other platforms. Different content works on different platforms, and a slightly different strategy may be required on each.

5. You can’t keep up with updates and changes.

New tools are added all the time to various digital platforms, and algorithms are changed. If you’re not spending some time tracking these changes, and what they mean for your marketing strategy, you will likely fall behind. This is natural when your focus lies elsewhere, and not all new tools will be useful. A good marketing company will keep an eye on these for you, ensuring that your accounts keep up, and your content is on-trend and relevant.

You might have some really great ideas about what your social media content should look like.

Share this with us, and let us take the responsibility of creating and managing your digital marketing off your hands.

We can run your social media for you.

For the full range of our social media packages, https://paramountmedia.co.uk/business-marketing-services/ or email us on info@paramountmedia.co.uk


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